What your favourite animal says about you


The other day I was showing my mum some cute videos of baby elephants, knowing that elephants are her favourite animal. It got me thinking that elephants being her favourite animal says a lot about her personality.

She’s probably the strongest woman I’ve ever known… Resilient, intelligent, trusting, wise, protective and loving. And to me, that’s everything that an elephant is.

Then I thought about my dad’s favourite animal, the eagle. The eagle is a very spiritual animal and is a symbol of freedom, power, strength, courage, honesty, truth and focus. Which is my dad all over. Honestly, I have a few favourite animals but the one I feel most connected to is the lion. Lions represent majesty, courage, strength, protection, family, wisdom, and affection. Lions are predators but they are also so much more. When you see them in documentaries, they are so affectionate and protective of each other, patient, loyal and do what they need to survive...  I like to think I have most of those traits if I do say so myself…

It got me thinking that we do really relate our personalities to our favourite animals, or "spirit animals". And I’m sure you’ve already done a classic Buzzfeed quiz on what your spirit animal is or what it means, but here are just a few descriptions of what I think your favourite animal says about you:

Dolphin: If your favourite animal is a dolphin, you are very social, playful, easy-going, welcoming, friendly and free-spirited.

Tiger: If this beautiful creature is your favourite, you are calm, cool and confident, independent, have your crap together and are beautiful inside and out.

Giraffe: Giraffes are majestic creatures, they are also quirky, friendly, respected, inspiring, dedicated and can reach great heights, literally. If your favourite is the giraffe, this is you all over!

Wolf: Wolves are very spiritual, wise, mysterious, loyal, wild, playful, protective and thrive on family and friendship.

Horse: Horses are another one of my own favourites and if it’s yours too, you are strong, free-spirited, reliable, courageous, powerful, noble, independent, confident and competitive.

Otter: Otters are ADORABLE and you must be too if they are your favourite animal! You’re a positive person, sweet, goofy and playful.

Monkey: People who love monkeys are playful, love to entertain and goofy, never take anything too seriously, however also amazingly smart.

Bear: As a bear lover, you are humble, sweet, protective, caring, thoughtful, independent, strong-willed and family-oriented.

Whales: They are the biggest living things in the world, graceful, compassionate, knowledgeable, creative, free, and possess an abundance of strength within.

These are only a few animals and very basic definitions of what I think your favourite animal means, but if you're into this kind of stuff and want to find out more, and how you can really own your personality through your spirit animal, the internet (and BuzzFeed) are great sources to find out more. 

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