The power of a compliment

thumbs up

Thumbs up

As we all know, words have power. They can bring people down, communicate nasty things and hold us back.

However, they also hold tremendous influence that can make us believe in our selves and improve our outlook on our day. I was recently complimented for my work and it made me oddly optimistic. I realised in the same way that my day can be ruined when someone says something nasty, my day can also be a highlight when I receive a compliment.

Should I compliment others more?

After realising how big of an effect a compliment can have, I thought about if I compliment others enough? I can often feel self-conscious when I compliment others or like I am forcing the compliment out of the blue, but in truth I am just worried about how others will receive it. A fact of life is everyone likes to be complimented and it always makes individuals feel better about themselves, their work and their goals in life.

What to compliment on?

Some people can confuse a compliment with an inappropriate comment that makes people uncomfortable. I always try to stick to compliments that are genuine and guaranteed to lift someone’s spirits. Complimenting peoples work, their intelligence and problem solving are some great ones. As well as people’s individual style, hobbies and skills or their personal qualities. 


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