The joy of propagating plants

plant cutting in jar of water

One of my cuttings in a jar of water

During our last lockdown I turned my eye to the mountain of empty pasta jars and tins I had been collecting along my windowsill. Then I scanned my options of house plants to cut.

It’s now a few weeks later, the cuttings have started to grow roots and I’m so overwhelmed to see!

I often marvel at nature and its ability to bounce back – here I am cutting a plant and putting it in water with sunlight then voilà a new plant! This is my first-time propagating plants and I’ve had so much joy seeing the growth of the cuttings. I’m able to use left-over jars from cooking, fill it up with warm water, pop a cutting in, then let it grow for a few weeks – talk about simple and resourceful!

It’s funny how something so small can make me feel so happy - when I glance over my windowsill filled with new plant life, I feel delighted. Growing up I never had a ‘green thumb’, but within the last year I’ve found myself with house plants and herb gardens (my rabbits are so lucky!). There’s something so beautiful in being the one to enable a seed to grow into its potential. I’m reminded that in order for plants to grow, there needs to be the correct balance of water, sunlight and nutrients. It’s reflective of the balance you need for a healthy mind – so you can flourish and grow.

Propagating plants is something that I randomly fell into and I very much enjoy observing the process of growth. If you have some left-over food jars (pasta, curry paste etc.), and your house plants are looking overwhelmed – why not try propagating? It was simple for me to look up some tips on google, then there’s remembering to change the water every few days – and that’s about it!

Including a little bit of green in your life isn’t as hard as you think – and there is no need to buy the most expensive plant out there. You can create many plants through propagating too. Don’t have household plants suitable for propagating? I'd recommend asking a neighbour or friend for a cutting.

Happy propagating!

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