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Pet therapy

A ragdoll cat lies on a rug.

Returning home after having to isolate, I was incredibly happy to reunite with my cat. 

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Puppy envy

A brown and white cocker spaniel making puppy eyes

One of my university friends adopted a puppy this week and its left me feeling some serious puppy envy!

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Missing my pets

two rabbits with a third toy rabbit

Animals have such a profound effect on our happiness and wellbeing. I don’t live with my family pets anymore, and I really miss them.

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I hope my cat is OK

tabby cat sitting on table

It’s been more than a year since I’ve held my cat as I could not go home (thanks, Covid).

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Life without a dog

A dog sits with its owner

I’ve been considering if I should add a fluffy companion to my company.

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Dogs, rabbits & cats (which is the best pet?)

Pets are the greatest – who doesn’t want to come home to the unconditional love of a little animal? I delve into my experience with pets and why connecting with pets are so special.

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The absence of pets

A scraggly pigeon

Growing up, I was always surrounded by animals and pets. Since living out of home I find that I am not in a stage of life that allows me to have pets and animals.

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Cat litter is trash

Sure, this may seem like a strange thing to talk about. But, stick with me...

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