Puppy envy

Puppy chewing tennis ball.

One of my university friends adopted a puppy this week and its left me feeling some serious puppy envy!

Being away from home and living in the city means that pets aren’t really a viable option for me, something that’s always left me craving some animal connection. 

You’re not even allowed to have a fish in university accommodation, which is even more disappointing because I have always thought axolotls would make literally the coolest pet (if you’re not sure what an axolotl is, look it up on google, I promise you will not be disappointed).
Numerous published studies have found correlations between pet ownership and positive mental health. However, as found by this study, the burden of caring for pets can be quite stressful at difficult times and owners should always adopt with their responsibilities in mind.

As a student who is keen to travel and work overseas eventually, the truth is that its just not the right time for me to own a pet, as much as I would like to. It wouldn’t be fair on them, and I would hate to have to give them up. 

So, for the moment I am going to have to be content with requesting puppy photos from my friend and asking of every random passer-by, to give their furry little companions some pats.

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