A sense of belonging

Friends playing

Crafting a sense of belonging can be an ongoing battle.

People come and go and institutions and jobs change. Because of this continuous change, I have found myself undergoing a big shift when feeling a sense of belonging.

I feel lots of different levels of belonging. I feel a sense of belonging as an Australian, living in this country. I feel a sense of belonging to South Australia and other states where I grew up. A sense of belonging to Adelaide. And a sense of belonging to university life, clubs, jobs, and friend groups.

I have found that some of these key belonging factors have changed in the last six months. When I feel my sense of belonging changing and shifting from past communities, I have a choice. Rebuild these senses of ‘belonging’ or start somewhere new with new communities. Instead of clinging to old things, I am now asking myself, what next? I have recently been feeling that I am ready to try something new. What this is, I’m not sure yet.

I would like to find a new sense of belonging in a graduate job or new hobby. While I am excited to graduate, I am trying to keep my expectations and goals healthily optimistic. I don’t won’t to let myself think that everything in the future will be perfect, but I would also like to stay positive towards future goals.

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