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Go into it scared

A void.

On getting over the biggest hurdle.

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Am I falling behind?

Silhouette of people running.

I’m at the point in my degree where the only thing my friends and I could only ever talk about are our contemplations for the future. We’re all freaking out about it but lately I can’t help feeling as though I’m falling behind on all my peers. If only one had a crystal ball to peer into…

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Career anxiety

People working in an office.

I’m in my penultimate year now, so I have to start planning a strategic and effective exit plan.

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A sense of belonging

Friends playing

I have found myself undergoing a big shift when feeling a sense of belonging.

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Another year comes & goes


Just like that, 2021 is almost at an end. It seems like only yesterday that we were all praising the end to 2020 and welcoming in a new year. Like everyone else, I have some mixed feelings about this year.

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This is a reminder...

Girl sitting crossed legged and breathing in a relaxed way

For all of you working hard to hand in your last assignments, and studying tirelessly for your last exams, this is a reminder for you to take a breather. 

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Life without a dog

A dog sits with its owner

I’ve been considering if I should add a fluffy companion to my company.

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Where are we going in life?

High school is hard. Starting uni is hard. Being a student and working is hard. Some people can do it. Some people can barely juggle it. Some of us know exactly what we want to do and where we want to go in our careers and in life. But a lot of us have no idea and are only at uni because it was “better than doing nothing”, or because people have certain expectations of us. Wherever we are in life, we are all in the same boat, but it's important to remember to live. 

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Turning 21

I just turned 21 a few weeks ago. In the couple of weeks leading up to it, I kept forgetting it was coming up, seriously just went right over my head. I can’t tell if it was my subconscious trying to block out the fact that I’m getting older, that its time to be an adult, be more responsible, that soon my parents will kick me out. Or that life is so fleeting, passing by so, so quickly like how dare she!... Seriously what’s the deal?! I’ve realized recently that I haven’t been making the most of my life. A lot of you may feel the same way, so what can we do to feel like we're actually living? Writing it down in this blog has actually helped me to self reflect, to realise that I actually have done a lot and have a lot going for myself. Hope this inspires you as a reader. 

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