Missing my pets

two rabbits with a third toy rabbit

Ricky and Rosie with a toy rabbit

Animals have such a profound effect on our happiness and wellbeing. I don’t live with my family pets anymore and I really miss them.

Growing up I had a dog. She passed away at an age where I was yet to comprehend the short limit of a dog’s life. I’ll always be grateful and happy for the time I spent with her. She was older than me so when she had passed it really felt like life had changed so drastically without her presence.

My memories with her also hold value in my childhood—laughter with my siblings, warm summers, carefree walks and icy poles. I’ll always be thankful for the impact she had on my life.

It wasn’t until mid-high school that my sister’s spontaneity ensued in two rabbits – Ricky and Rosie - who are still thriving and living their best lives.

I never really thought my family would ever have rabbits as pets. But I’m so glad they've come into our lives. Since moving out of home, I’ve seen them less and less which makes me feel sad. Pets are the best when they're with you but create heavy emotions when they're not. It is so special to see the impact pets have on us.

What’s your favourite part about having a pet?

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