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The dilemma of decision

a patterned black and white wall showing five doors

As a person of many, many interests, I lately find myself double-guessing my choices when it comes to my future.

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Have you seen my purpose?

female student resting head on hand looking distant

I'm a person of many loves and hobbies, and this makes choosing the 'right' degree real tough for me sometimes.

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Pomodoro breaks

black analogue clock sitting on a desk next to a laptop

I love those 'Study with Me' pomodoro YouTube videos as much as the next person, but I never know what do when my five minute break starts!

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Flight of the busy bee

screen of an iphone showing twenty unread emails

I thought being as busy as possible was a good thing but lately my friends have made me think otherwise.

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Blue hair blues

Back of a girl's head showing black and blue hair

Following 'Experience New Things' earlier this month on the lawns, the newest thing I have recently experienced was agreeing to be a hair-colouring model for my hairdresser.

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