Pokémon, painting & preserves

Since being home, I’ve been treating myself to some ‘down time’. This has come in the form of a few things that I have done in a while.

Firstly, preserves. It’s something I’ve tried before but since being at university, it is something I just romanticize and never end up doing. I’ve already made a big batch of pesto (3 jars) and I’m planning to do a tomato, basil garlic and olive oil mix soon. It’s a great easy way to keep some fresh, in season ingredients for later and bottle all of that flavour. 

Secondly, Pokémon. I loved Pokémon as a kid and when I got back home I rummaged around old boxes until I found my old Nintendo DS light and GBA Pokémon games. I’m about halfway through Pokémon fire red with a level 28 Charmeleon. It’s slow progress at the moment but something I'm getting completely absorbed into again.

Finally, drawing. I’ve been drawing up some sketches, finding old colouring books and even having a go at some comedic comics! What I’m planning next however, is painting more of my room. Mum wasn’t overly pleased with the first few patches I’ve done but I usually find I ask for forgiveness later.

Have you got any down time activities you’re hooked on?

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