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My R.E.P.O.R.T. for the week

Data displayed on a laptop.

There’s a trend on social media where people highlight the things they’ve been reading, eating, playing with (no definitive activity; it could be anything from experimenting with makeup to playing sports), obsessing over (again, can be anything), recommending, and treating themselves to for the week. 

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10 things to do when you're bored

A woman scrolling through the home screen on her phone

Do you ever find yourself with nothing to do and end up scrolling through TikTok for a couple hours? Because, same. 

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Finding clubs stressful

Girl chewing pencil on laptop

When it comes to keeping myself busy with extra curricular activities, I reach a point when I feel tired and a lack of motivation towards a task.

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Embracing being bad at things

A set of watercolours, paintbrushes and a notebook on a wooden desk.

As something of a perfectionist I have always struggled with feeling ok about trying out new things and being...well, bad.

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Pokémon, painting & preserves

Since being home, I’ve been treating myself to some ‘down time’. This has come in the form of a few things that I have done in a while.

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A guide to the 2021 Oscars

The 93rd Academy Awards, more commonly known as the Oscars, are rapidly approaching, scheduled for Sunday 25th April. So, just what are we in for this year?

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Welcoming a new year

Despite the fact that a new year is just an arbitrary marker of the time, at the very least, it’s a chance to approach the months ahead with an adjusted frame of mind. 

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A new hobby: photography

Ocean by Cooper

I'm trying to motivate myself to learn and understand photography properly.

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A hobby or career?

A golden flower

I have recently been getting into photography and videography. But at what point do I decide to turn my hobby into a career or keep it as just that, a hobby?

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The pursuit of creativity

The pursuit of creativity is something that’s on my mind a lot, perhaps because I can’t seem to integrate creative practices into my life as easily as I’d like. 

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