10 things to do when you're bored

A woman scrolling through the home screen on her phone

Do you ever find yourself with nothing to do and end up scrolling through TikTok for a couple hours? Because, same. 

Having any free time at all with no responsibilities is very relaxing. And while TikTok can be very entertaining, you might find yourself sick of scrolling through the endless For You page. Time is so valuable, and those couple of hours could be spent on learning something new or practicing self care instead!

So, I have compiled a list of 10 activities you could be spending your time doing instead of scrolling on your phone.

  • Digital detox: Organise and declutter your phone by deleting excessive photos or apps you don’t need anymore, unfollowing people on social media that make you unhappy, or redecorating your home screen.

  • Music: Make a new playlist or listen and sing along to your favourite songs!

  • Self care: This is so important and we should all be spending time looking after our mental health. Setting up a skin care routine, painting your nails, meditating, or taking a nap; these are all forms of self care.

  • Cooking: Try a new recipe or plan out your university lunches for the week.

  • Journaling: Journaling is so versatile and great for releasing all of your negative thoughts. You can journal about your day, a recent movie you watched, things you’re grateful for; the opportunities are endless. I’m planning to write a separate article about how to start journaling, so look out for that soon!

  • Entertainment: Watch a new show, movie, or documentary and learn something new.

  • Goals: Make a vision board using Pinterest and Canva. You can then save it as your laptop's wallpaper, so you are constantly reminded of your goals. You could also write down all of your goals for the next week, year, or even five years. This can be a big help if you are feeling a little worried about the future.

  • Declutter: Clean your room and go through your old clothes to donate!

  • Hobbies: Learn a new hobby or continue practicing one of your own. Some ideas could be drawing, reading, or crocheting. You could even try following an origami or macrame tutorial on YouTube.

  • Exercise: Go outside and take a walk in the sunshine or follow a YouTube workout or yoga tutorial.

Hopefully this lists includes at least one new idea you could be spending your free time with during the University mid-semester break!

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