Another sando review

Our tuna mayo baguette and croque monsieur.

Maison Clement review.

It’s been a month, and it seems like my sandwich obsession is not going anywhere. I’m still on the hunt for some good and affordable sandos in Adelaide, and this time I got to try one from Maison Clement. 

Maison Clement is a French bistro located on Currie Street. You’ve probably seen it on your way to the E3 bus stop: nestled between The Chancellor’s grand columns with a sign saying “Bienvenue” over their doorway, patrons indulging in mouth-watering pastries by the window seats. I can’t help but peer inside the tall windows every time I walk by.

Last Friday, I finally got to stand on the other side of the window. I met up with a friend of mine for brunch and with some luck, we got the window seats! 

Their menu differs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but their $10 sandwiches are available Monday to Friday until sold out. They had 6 different options, and I went for their tuna mayo sando. I think I’m quickly becoming a tuna sandwich girl. 

My friend, Jazz, got the croque monsieur. I was captivated by its golden hues and seemingly crunchy texture. Truth be told, my friend said the bread (which was toasted with butter – ugh, so good!) was soft and crispy at the top. She said the cheese that coated the bread wasn’t too salty or creamy, but that the sandwich could’ve done with a little bit of sweetness. Overall, she gave it an 8.5/10. Minus 1 for the lack of sweetness; minus 0.5 because she got sad when she finished it.

To my delight, the service was rather quick too. I think our food come out within 10-15 minutes. 

My sandwich was served on a baguette cut in two with a generous amount of tuna and an assortment of salads. So, portion wise, it was a lot. I even split the other half of the baguette with my friend because it was just too much for me. For $10, I thought the serving size was beyond worth it! 

And its deliciousness lies in how simple it was. It was just a good ol’ tuna sandwich, no fancy ingredients, no elaborate textures. The crunch of the baguette and greens really added to the softness of the tuna too. 

My verdict: The best tuna sando I’ve had so far. Delicious and affordable which is always a win for uni students like us. This won’t be the last they see of me, for sure. 

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