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Eating my way through Malaysia

A glorious seafood feast I had in Kuala Selangor.

I always tell myself that if I don’t gain a kg or two after my summer break in Malaysia, then I probably landed in the wrong country. 

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Brunch club

blogpic - pixabay - french toast

I don’t know about you, but I have this tendency of going into a kind of hibernation during winter. It’s not a hibernation where I spend the winter sleeping (I wish) but instead a kind of unconscious retreating. In the past I’ve noticed that this period is spent doing more deep thinking and reflective work. Maybe it’s the longer nights and the chilly weather which controls this. 

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Background noise

A radio

Background noise is a great way that I de-stress. My favourite form of background noise... the Food Network!

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New food & a new perspective

Thai desserts

Trying a steamed Thai pandan-coconut cake opened my mind up to new ways to make delicious desserts.

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Experiencing new things

Blue cheese on a platter.

From surfing to eating blue cheese, there's nothing more fun than trying new things!

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Breakfast club is the best

Breakfast cereal

If you haven't been to breakfast club in the old uni bar, you are missing out! 

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Banana appreciation

A digital art banana on a yellow background.

I have always loved bananas but here are some reasons why this unassuming yellow fruit has fueled my university career.

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