My favourite cafes in rundle mall

A cup of coffee, magazine, bag, and plant pot placed neatly on a cafe table

Finding new cafes around University is one of my favourite hobbies. Studying or catching up with friends is always more fun at a cafe.

Cafes are also a great place to go during a break between classes and attempt to be productive. I have probably been to too many cafes and have spent way too much money on food this year, so I consider myself qualified to make a list of the best cafes near Rundle mall for you to check out yourself.

  • Let's Brunch: This is my all time favourite brunch place! Whether you are feeling like bacon and eggs, an omelette, or avocado toast for breakfast, or pizza, pasta, or a burger for lunch, you are bound to find something to eat. The prices and very reasonable and they are open every day!

  • Just Bliss Chocolates: If you are craving sweet or savoury crepes, this is the place to go. This cafe is the type of place you would see on Pinterest, and it is usually pretty quiet too, making it the perfect place to study.

  • San Churros: In my highly qualified opinion, San Churros is the place to go for Churros and hot chocolates. It is just a short walk from the University campus, and you also get free churros on your birthday if you sign up on their app!

  • Love Stephy: This cafe serves one of the most picturesque desserts in Adelaide, and is also one of the most picturesque places. It’s flower wall is the best place to take cute photos with friends and eat cute desserts.

  • 34 Wyatt Street: This Filipino cafe serves food that you would find on a Pinterest board. From sandwiches rice bowls, or a leche flan croissant; you’ll find an aesthetically pleasing dish that will look great on your Instagram story.

  • Rex Espresso: This small basement cafe located in the middle of Rundle mall is a hidden gem. The food, coffee, and hot chocolates are amazing and it is another small and quiet spot to study. The background music and atmosphere are also a 10/10.  

So, next time you’re craving cafe food or just want to study or catch up with friends, hopefully one of these cafes will spark your interest!

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