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One of the podcasts I listen to is called We Can Do Hard Things and it is hosted primarily by Glennon Doyle, joined by her wife Abby, and her sister Amanda. One of their recent episodes talked about the best advice they were ever given. There was plenty of great advice, some of which I’ve already received and have been such game-changers.

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Movie reflection: Frances Ha

What can I say? I did not think I would enjoy this film, but I really did. My sister kept urging me to watch it and when I finally did, I couldn’t help but relate to Frances in more than a few ways. You see, Frances is finding her way through life – navigating friendships and seeking out her place in life as an adult, especially as she’s realizing she may not be the ideal and perfect dancer the world of dance demands that she should be if she were to be considered “successful”.

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10-minute brain break

A woman laying on the steps of a building.

Now that winter is here I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending the great majority of all the days of the weeks this month, sitting down. It’s getting cold and instead of sitting down at a park with my laptop to work on my thesis, I’ve just been working at my desk, in the warm comfort of the indoors.

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Free things to do while you wait for your next class

A graffiti of a phone.

I have this thing where I vow to cut down on my screentime every time my phone sends me a shameful weekly report of my screentime average, but I always end up failing to make any improvements. 

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Stirling Market 

Corn and flowers on a table.

It’s been a hot minute since I took a trip to the Adelaide hills.

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