Stirling Market 

Corn and flowers on a table.

It’s been a hot minute since I took a trip to the Adelaide hills.

Seriously, you’d think that the cold and wet weather would give me the reason to stomach those winding roads and frolic around the foggy towns pretending like I’m in Twilight or something, but I didn’t visit at all this autumn and winter. In fact, I think I went to the beaches and lakes more. It was the time to get a hot chocolate from Red Cocoa for goodness’ sake!

What drove me to Stirling recently was it's monthly farmer’s market. Having just discovered its existence from Instagram coupled with my latest obsessions towards market haul videos, it gave me a reason to finally go. Besides, the transitioning weather would still make it feel like I was in the All Too Well music video. 

When we arrived, the town was absolutely buzzing with market goers. To our surprise, there was another market happening alongside called Stirling Laneways, so basically the town was just one big market with stalls lining up every alley and lane. We really got lucky with the parking for this one. Of course, the first thing I got was a hot chocolate from one of the stalls. It was magnificent. Then we got to walking. There were a lot of people selling handmade ceramics, clothes, accessories, etc. but I was on the hunt for some good pastries. 

We stumbled upon Les Deux Coqs which is known for their delicious French pastries. Side tracking but I tried to order in French before because I was studying French at the time and wanted to test my conversational skills and boy, let’s just say I wouldn’t have survived a minute in Paris. Anyway, we got an apple crumble and some lava cakes.Then we went to the other side of the road for the other half of the markets. I tried a non-alcoholic apple cider that my friend bought from Oscar’s and safe to say, I wouldn’t be having another sip of it. Ever. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sourness, but she loved it so much she bought a whole bottle of it. I did enjoy their hand-pressed apple juice, though. Not too sweet, nor sour.

Then we sampled some freshly baked breads and oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought something after trying a sample before. I wanted to try them simply because they were handing it out for free but the moment I took a bite of the soft brioche, I knew I had to get the real deal. I bought their cinnamon brioche roll and whew, it was what Autumn would taste like if we could eat it. A tad expensive though at $15 but it came in a tray of three big rolls so you could definitely share it with a friend or save for later. 

To close it off we went to Matilda Bookshop nearby to browse some books. I didn’t get anything but I’m trying to finish up my book today so I can take a trip there again tomorrow for something new! This is a trip definitely work making once the pressures of semester finally finish!

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