Background noise

A radio

I love background noise. Whether it be the television, the radio or my spotify playlist, I like how it makes me feel like something is happening.

It fills the silences that can sometimes stress me out. Whether or not this is a good habit remains to be seen, but I like to think it is good in moderation and a way that I find helps me unwind. 

Of the background noise that I love, my absolute favourite is the Food Network on the television. It is relaxing and calming and I find I can comfortably flit in and out of focusing on what they're talking about. I have even picked up a recipe or two from the hours it has filled my background with noise. 

I find the process of cooking quite therapeutic and methodical. In that sense, the Food Network is constantly showing me just that, methodical recipes of food being made. I also love how the Food Network also brings together a great line up of cultures and foods. So if you're ever feeling a bit stressed out, try the Food Network and you might even pick up a recipe for dinner. 

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