A new hobby: photography

Ocean by Cooper

Ocean by Cooper

I have been really keen to learn an in-depth understanding of photography. It's one of those skills I've had some basic preliminary knowledge in but have never had a really comprehensive understanding og. There have been countless times when I see something beautiful and destructive in nature and want to capture and share it. 

My goal at the moment is three photos a day. Each day I want to capture three or more photos and watch a tutorial on some photography techniques. As we head into an exam and work free period, I'm keen to get started. It was a trip down to the Bay of Fires on the weekend that prompted me to bring along my camera and give it a go. It is one of the most photogenic beaches in Tasmania and has a beautiful orange colour over all of the rocks and crystal clear water. It is one of those locations that no matter what your level of photography is you're sure to get a great picture. 

From this I'm hoping to take my camera everywhere and share whatever I see. It's got me thinking about all the new and exiting skills I can learn in my free time. So keep a look out for photos that hopefully get better and better!


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