Media and activities vs anxiety

Tile mosaic

Tile mosaic

Everyone has probably done some stressing recently.

Whether its about being lonely, bored, at home, away from home, jobless, money troubles or any of the other problems caused by this pesky virus, you are not alone. Every minute I try to get some direction and plan, I realise that things may have completely changed in another two weeks.

This was going to be my year! I even said so for my new year’s resolution (which I never follow). I was going to get some work experience, do an internship, pick up some extra work, get involved, expand my friend group and travel. Unfortunately, this has been put on hold for now but I am finding that some things relax me and take my mind off of it. These can be summed into two categories; media and little projects.

In terms of media, I have oddly found the most relaxing and calming things have been the Harry Potter series, the Ice Age series and the Toy Story series. They just make me feel content. I think that I get wrapped up in them. They are something you can space out over a number of days or watch back to back. Not to mention that I just deem them as classics. The have simple and creative stories with complex themes that make you feel SO much (the Toy Story series has just about had me balling my eyes out).

Additionally, I have been finding little projects to be calming and quite fulfilling. My top three so far include,

  • Mosaic
  • Building a castle fort out of cardboard boxes for snails
  • Cooking new and different things

But there is still more to come on my project bucket list,

  • I still have to master guitar
  • Start some basics on another language (I’m tossing up between basic Arabic or Spanish)
  • Create a film
  • Get into some consistent photography

This is all for now and I’m not exactly in a rush but it’s keeping my mind occupied and anxiety free for the past few weeks.

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