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Young woman wearing a white medical mask

In the name of safety and protecting those around me from COVID-19, I readily accepted the mask mandates in 2020 and have gotten pretty comfortable with them since. But maybe… a little too comfortable?

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Warding off worry

2 people walking on grass towards sun low in the sky

Are we still talking about COVID?

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A dose of moderna

A syringe

I have officially had my first dose of Spikevax (Moderna). Yay! Getting vaccinated is another to-do item I have had to tick off my list and it was certainly weighing me down. 

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The future of covid

Planet Earth wearing a mask

I have family all over Australia and the current Covid situation is quite worrying. What will the future of Covid look like?

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Lunch break self-care

Yoga stretch

In a previous post, I suggested having a goal of having at least one social connection during each workday. I do this in the evening straight after work. It helps you transition from work mode to home mode and is good for your mental health. Below are a few more suggestions for self-care activities during the weekend or even during one of your lunch breaks.

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Pandemic fatigue

We've emerged from lockdown (yay) but there’s still a very palpable sense of uncertainty fatigue.

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Of learning to reach out and log off

When I came across this Tweet, Adelaide and South Australia were in the lucky position of having the lowest level of restrictions in mainland Australia.

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How I stay sane during lockdown

Ahh here we go again, we are confined to our homes in the final week of our break. I’m having flashbacks from last year of zoom movie nights, banana bread and Netflix. There is comfort knowing that everyone else is in the same boat – and we made it through last year, so we can push forward (lockdowns are temporary)! Continue reading for tips on handling this lockdown.

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Beyond Blue Support

We all need to reach out for some extra support from time to time.

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Disruption during a PhD

Woman typing on laptop

I am very lucky to have such supportive supervisors but also to have such encouraging peers amongst my cohort.

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