The future of covid

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Planetary mask

I have family all over Australia and the current Covid situation is quite worrying. What will the future of Covid look like?

Every state in Australia has something different and unique. One of those quirks is their handling of the Covid pandemic. The Covid situation in NSW and in Victoria has got me worried about the future, my family and Christmas.

I never really thought it would happen in Australia. I had heard about the uncontrolled Covid crisis in America, England, India and all over the world but Australia has always been in a good position, until now. With Sydney getting over one-thousand new Covid cases every day, I think I am starting to realise that it is only a matter of time before our national approach to managing this virus changes. Whether this is for the better or the worse I am not sure, but it has me worried. Change can be quite stressful and as someone who likes consistency, I must admit change takes some time for me to adjust.

Concerns for family

Unfortunately, both my grandma and brother are locked down in Melbourne. My uncle Sam, older brother, his partner and my nephew are also locked down in NSW. After speaking with my grandma (or nannie as we know her), I know for a fact she is suffering from loneliness and boredom. Being so far away can make me feel a bit powerless to help. Another thing I am having to come to terms with is the prospect of missing uncle Sam’s 90th birthday party. Uncle Sam is always good for a laugh, a crowd pleaser and he always brings family together. This is by no means tough on myself compared to what some people have endured during the pandemic but it is still a challenge for myself and family.

What could happen?

Will we be open next year? Will we just vaccinate and let the delta strain loose? Will a new variant appear? These are just some of the questions that rattle my brain on a daily basis and no matter what I tell myself, the truth is that the future is unclear. Regardless of my political alignment, the growing Covid situation in NSW and Victoria will certainly strain the relationships and domestic travel between the states now and well into the future. For myself, all I can do is be grateful that I am in a very safe part of the world, reach out and support my family in lockdown and (as everyone keeps saying) roll up and get the jab!

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