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Everyday social anxiety

Person sitting having their hair curled by a hairdresser, image of back of head

My social anxiety can heighten when I am least expecting it.

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Being comfortable with doing nothing

Sitting on a jetty

I have noticed that I am finding it increasingly difficult to just sit and be.

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Phone call stress

A dial phone

Call me a millennial, a lazy youth of today or simply an awkward person but, I have never been very good at phone calls. For that reason, I can find them stressful.

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Do I Have an anxiety disorder?

Woman clutching her chest on the floor

I hate feeling anxious but do I really have a problem with anxiety?

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The future of covid

Planet Earth wearing a mask

I have family all over Australia and the current Covid situation is quite worrying. What will the future of Covid look like?

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Australian 2032 Olympics

Olympic rings

It is exciting news! Australia will host the 2032 Olympics in the Brisbane region. Even though it is still far away, I am already excited.

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Letting people down

It can be tough when you make promises and agreements and then have to back track and let people down due to changing circumstances.

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Presenting nerves

Recently, I had the privilege (I guess?!) of presenting some of my research to a panel of academics at the Australian National University’s symposium on Australian life post COVID-19.

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Public speaking via zoom

I recently presented at my first ‘zoom conference’.

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