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Moving away from family

The back of a person at a busy airport, looking at the departures table

Three years ago, I moved interstate to start uni at 18 but didn’t have the best support from my parents.

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Calm and stillness

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I used to date this guy, let’s call him Guy.

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Airport anxiety

close-up of a person's hand at the airport holding their passport and boarding pass.

Despite travelling through the airport so frequently, I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach every time. 

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Learning my triggers

Woman standing in front of a painting

While I consider myself to be in a much better place than what I used to be, I still find myself discovering new triggers in my normal day-to-day that can still take me by surprise.

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Presentations scare me

microphone with blurred image of seats in the distance

Having social anxiety, there’s nothing scarier than standing in front of your class and trying to string a sentence or two together.

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Everyday social anxiety

Person sitting having their hair curled by a hairdresser, image of back of head

My social anxiety can heighten when I am least expecting it.

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Being comfortable with doing nothing

Sitting on a jetty

I have noticed that I am finding it increasingly difficult to just sit and be.

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Phone call stress

A dial phone

Call me a millennial, a lazy youth of today or simply an awkward person but, I have never been very good at phone calls. For that reason, I can find them stressful.

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Do I Have an anxiety disorder?

Woman clutching her chest on the floor

I hate feeling anxious but do I really have a problem with anxiety?

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