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Spring & ducklings


Springtime is my favourite time of year, mostly because of all the ducklings around university (Author: Yasmine)

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The future of covid

Planet Earth wearing a mask

I have family all over Australia and the current Covid situation is quite worrying. What will the future of Covid look like?

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Semester break plans

A group stand around a campfire

With everything going on this semester and amid all of my commitments, I have forgotten to plan anything for the semester break!

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More mi goreng please

Bowl of noodles

How great are packet Mi Goreng? No really how great are they? (Author: Yasmine)

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Relationship advice

Holding hands up in the shape of a love heart

I recently had a friend ask me for advice on dating and relationships with someone they are close with. At first I struggled with the conversation, but I soon realised that they were also looking for some reassurance and a confidence boost. 

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