Semester break plans

A group stand around a campfire

Beach camping with friends

With everything going on this semester and amid all of my commitments, I have forgotten to plan anything for the semester break!

My first thought when it comes to semester break is that it is long overdue. I know everyone complains about the eight weeks of semester and then the two-week semester break and then the last four weeks of study arrangement, but it really is odd. The structure of the semester means that by the time the break arrives, it is well and truly needed. In some ways, I like that the bulk of the semester is over and done with but I can also find myself feeling burnt out in the last couple of weeks.

What to do and where to go? 

As always, I think the semester break is an excellent opportunity to get outside and into nature. With the weather warming up, it is slowly approaching optimal swimming and camping weather! With this in mind, it is the regional areas of South Australia that I am yet to explore and that hold so much wonder and adventuring. With all the stresses of semester, I think I feel a good road trip coming on!

The year is passing

I know I say this every year but keeping busy sure makes the time fly. I am finding it hard to wrap my head around another year that has almost come and gone. One thing I think I can say about this year is that I don’t have any regrets (as of yet) and I would like to keep it that way. So, I think I will be well and truly throwing myself into the remainder of the semester and doing something exciting to recharge and explore during the upcoming break.

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