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Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

Red Christmas tree decorations

We’re in the 11th month of the year! Not long until the Christmas holidays now. Every year I promise myself that I’ll be more organised and not let myself get sucked into stressing too much about presents and gifts.

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Serotonin from nature

green healthy plant image - links to body health page

This generation’s children are our pets, and our pets are our plants. I have many pet plants - how about you?

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Walking for wellbeing

Someone going for a walk

I have recently been appreciating the simplicity of a nice walk in nature and the benefits it brings to my health and my daily routine. 

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Semester break plans

A group stand around a campfire

With everything going on this semester and amid all of my commitments, I have forgotten to plan anything for the semester break!

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Wellbeing at the beach

An ocean sunset

The beach is famed as a summertime activity and rightly so. However, I have learnt there is lots of fun to be had at the beach, even during winter.

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Gardening in isolation

Watering a garden bed

Stuck inside? Bored out of your brains? Get gardening!

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What does happiness really mean?

Rock pile at Port Willunga beach

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness as something all-encompassing and overwhelming, and also something elusive, often impermanent. 

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A camping trip

A camping tent

I went on a big ol’ camping trip! It helped me feel better in more ways than I thought it would. Here’s a few things that I learnt…

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South Australia’s best kept secret

Do you appreciate the outdoors and fancy a road trip? I recently discovered an amazing location just an hour away from Adelaide’s CBD.

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How refreshing are waterfalls?

A photograph of my visit to Lilydale Falls, Tasmania.

I'm looking for some waterfalls in South Australia, but where can I find them?

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