Serotonin from nature

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There’s something special about being within nature that makes all my worries disappear. I feel calm, rested and happy.

I came across a funny quote/meme a couple of years ago that this generation’s children are our pets, and our pets are our plants. And it sort of makes sense. I look around my room and feel a sense of comfort with the range of greenery and coloured pots. I have many pet plants - how about you?

The feeling of nature makes things feel less artificial, suffocating and dim. It brings life to one’s space. A simple plant can brighten your whole room. Nature can play an important role in your wellbeing. I find that when I’m stressed, going on a walk around my local park or laying down on some grass brings so much serotonin to my mind.

I recently attended the University of Adelaide Geography & Development Society’s Planting Day: Taking Care of Your Buds’ Event (as part of Mental Health Month). I was able to select a flower plant and pot it. I decided to give a home to this plant in my work office space! It adds a pop of colour and serves as an important reminder to embrace the remarkable influence of nature.

You’re in luck if you missed out on this event! On the 21 October (Thursday) Student Wellbeing will be hosting a Herb and Lavender Gardening Workshop. Find out more here.

During Covid last year, I helped kickstart the Community Isolation Garden (created by the Adelaide Sustainability Association). We sent out seed packets & soil pellet bundles to those who registered. It was fantastic to bond over and share the progress of our herb growth. I felt so joyful being able to grow my own food!

Never underestimate the power of nature with improving your wellbeing.

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