The rise & fall of a uni crush

cookie heart that is broken

Broken heart cookie

It’s early 2020, you’ve just discovered Zoom and it’s you and your baked banana bread against the world. You try to pay attention in your online class, and among the blank screens you discover… you have a crush.

I hope none of my lecturers or tute leaders ever read this but classes are 100% more entertaining (and motivating) when you have a crush on a fellow classmate. It’s something fun and exciting to look forward to (I know I’m not the only one).

Now it’s 2021 and in-person classes are back – your crush is in the same room as you. You overthink accidental eye contact, and you start to think of ways to interact with them. They’re one seat away? Should you say something? Maybe you can ask how they’re finding an assignment? Nah…You chicken out.

Look, sometimes the point of a crush is to distantly admire someone without anything actually happening. That’s part of the game. But not me (or at least not me 2 days ago). A social event had arisen and I took this opportunity to utter my first words to this long-term crush.

Five minutes in and I was brainstorming excuses to leave.

First impressions, conversation and niceties are important. Or maybe I'm being too harsh? It's inevitable that you have more expectations for your crush. But I guess this was a blessing in disguise. I can go back to fully paying attention in my classes. Admittedly, a part of me is a little disappointed but I'm glad I took that leap to converse.

The shenanigans of having a crush are so entertaining regardless of the outcome. I guess I can always look at the bright side – my focus and attention in class will see an improvement! Are you someone who acts when you have a crush? Or do you keep your distance?

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