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Music for productive study

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There’s always been a great debate on whether music can help you study or be a distraction. A lot of us students listen to music while we study, and most of us can agree that it actually can help us concentrate and not get distracted by other devices or other things, but some music with lyrics can. I’ve discovered that a good way to study with music is by listening to more classical, orchestral music, old jazz, music with little to no singing, or even themed ambiences from YouTube. It might sound silly or unappealing but music that is relaxing or has hardly any lyrics can help set the vibe and get us in a better mood.

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Songs that bring me joy

Neon lights reading, "you are what you listen to", against brick wall

For me and many other people, music is one the things that brings joy. It is scientifically proven that music can help to ease pain, reduce stress, elevate moods and many other things that can better us physically and emotionally. I have constructed a BIG list of songs that bring me joy. It’s a real mix of old and new, alternative, R&B, hip hop, rock and roll songs I can’t help but smile to, feel that feeling of happiness in my stomach, and ones that give me hope. I hope they bring you joy as much as they do for me. 

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