Dancing shenanigans: why dancing is so fun

Dancing is such a fun way to release energy, increase endorphins and an enjoyable form of exercise. My professional dance days didn’t last long (I was a retired ballerina at 6 years old) but I often enjoy dancing for fun (like almost the rest of the population).


Recently I was invited for a Zumba class at my local gym and had forgotten how enjoyable it was (hello to anyone who had Zumba classes in primary school). I appreciated the mix of culture in the playlists and the cool new dance moves I learnt. And wow, time does go so fast during an hour of Zumba. I also felt super fit and energised – crazy how moving around can make you feel more energised instead of tired. I loved the Zumba class so much that I invited my mum to the next one, which although was a little out of her comfort zone, proved to be an enjoyable time.


My recent experiences with Zumba reminded me of the years I’d hop onto the Wii and play Just Dance with siblings and friends. It had gotten to the point where it was routine for me to have a dance session every evening with my sister back in the summer of 2018 – I miss those times.


While it may seem like I’m a well-rehearsed dancer, I am most definitely an uncoordinated person. Imagine a giraffe with roller skates – that’s what I look like! But the older I get, the more I realise that as long as you feel confident and you’re having fun, no one’s going to realise how awkward or uncoordinated you look.


So, if you have a Wii console (or a Nintendo switch) try out the Just Dance games – there are some absolute banger songs, also check out the Zumba program at your local gym! Even if you don’t have a gym membership or the Just Dance games, I’d recommend going on YouTube because there are definitely dance routines on there that you can dance to.


Happy Dancing!

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