Writing block worries

A writing pad and pen

Writing pad

I am powering through my assignment. I am almost there and then… writing block.

I forget what question I am answering, what direction my argument is heading and find myself at a loss on what to do next.

Facing a writing block is something that has affected us all at some point in time. The trick I find is to not let a writing block turn into a failing grade or a last-minute dash to submit my assignment on time. So, whilst I can find myself disheartened and frustrated with my work, my goal is to snap out of it as quickly as possible.

This is sometimes easier said than done.

I find re-reading the assignment criteria and goals is a great place to start. However, before I do this I try to first establish if I am in a head space for reading and comprehension. No matter how many times I read something, if I am not in the right head space, it goes in one ear and out the other. I usually try a big glass of water and ten star jumps before I jump back into it. However, sometimes it can take a big walk or an afternoon of rest to get back into a productive state of mind. Once my head is clear and I am retaining the words I am reading, I start with the assignment criteria. Once I have re-found a framework for my work, I look for what I have missed and what it needs to be a completed piece of work I am proud of, and hopefully a piece of work that brings me a good grade.  

If I am still confused, my next step is reaching out to my lecturer or tutor with some queries or for some advice. I also try reaching beyond academic advice and asking my partner, friends and fellow students. Sometimes, I find it really helps to hear from someone who’s in the same boat as me and has a different perspective. I find that community is an essential part to a happy healthy life, and it is something I endeavour to build around my university work as well as my social life.

If I don’t quite get the grade I was searching for, or I have no idea how to start an assignment, I find the advice from the learning guides on study skills and selected writing at the university Writing Centre Website can be really helpful. Whilst the tips on a website can be great, it's another load of reading on a computer. Walking into the writing centre for some one-on-one help can help me quickly answer any questions I have and, directly tackle some of the writing block problems I am having with my work.

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