My go-to smoothie recipe

Raspberry smoothie

Drinking a smoothie is one of highlights of my morning. It’s a healthy start to the day and provides lots of energy! While I am a fan of cafe smoothies or a cheeky boost juice, I often make my own at home (thank you to my trusty nutri-bullet)!

I grew up eating cereal, oats or toast which are filling and did sustain me before recess at school, but now I really appreciate having something sweet in the morning. Smoothies/juices are not everyone and you may prefer a filling savoury breakfast. Always consume what your body feels best with!

I often find smoothies great to have when you’re in a bit of a rush as you can pack in various nutrients in a blended drink. Smoothies are fun because you can change up the ingredients for a different flavour or consistency!
For instance, depending on how I feel I occasionally put peanut butter in my smoothies (which is a great source of protein and healthy fats).

If you’re looking to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, smoothies are a great way to boost your intake particularly if there is a food that you dislike (the flavour usually ends up being masked)!

Obviously, I’m biased when it comes to my own smoothies but I wanted to share my usual recipe below for inspiration! I eye-ball the measurements which results in inconsistent smoothies but I can assure you the ingredients are pretty much the same!


My Perfect Smoothie Recipe:

-       1 frozen banana

-       ½ cup of frozen mixed berries

-       2 cups of kale & spinach

-       1 cup of protein powder

-       1 spoon of super green powder

-       2-3 cups of oat milk

-       1 cup of water

Starting off your day with a nutritious breakfast is important! I always feel energised and ready to go when I have a nice breakfast. This is essential especially when I’ve felt busy and more concerned with my energy levels when undertaking assignments or exams.


Always remember to listen to what your body is craving – whether it’s a smoothie, eggs on toast, water or sleep! Remember to take care of yourself especially during this cold season/exam period.

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