Winter blues

Misty cold mountains

Wintery countryside

Winter is colder, greyer, rainier and darker. The days are shorter but somehow feel longer and the trees look dead and empty.

While it can be challenging to stay positive during this season, I am trying to find ways to do so and remind myself about some of the things I love about winter.

Rugging up

One of the best things about winter is rugging up on a cold day. I love winter fashion! The array of jackets, scarfs, fluffy socks, boots and uggs always helps me to find an interesting outfit that keeps me nice and warm. It helps me add a bit of colour to my day with a nice bright pair of socks and the promise of creative freedom in my dress sense gives me something to look forward to every day. I also find it a great time to go op-shopping for extra beanies and scarfs, and check out the cheap summer wear clothing ready for the summer sun.

A hot cuppa

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to battle the winter cold. It is the season for hot beverages. To try and avoid the trap of purchasing lots of teas and coffees, I have purchased an insulated bottle and take away coffee cup to keep a hot drink with me throughout the day. I also find if I’m in a rush and don’t get time to make a drink in the morning, keeping a set of tea bags, sugar and instant coffee in my bag is a life saver when I have the boiling hot water taps in the university kitchens.  

Embracing the lazy day in bed

It may seem counterintuitive but I often find if I am craving an unmotivated lazy day of lounging, it's best to get it out of my system. Embrace it! This may mean that I sit around all day eating and watching telly on the couch but it also means that I am mentally relaxing, recharging, and resting. While it is important to recognise when it has gone on long enough and change needs to happen, it is also essential to know when I just need a day off from my day to day life. 

Even if you’re struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel, I always find this quote keeps me going.

Every Winter has its springH. Tuttle



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