Holidays! What to do with my time?

A cartoon person rests their head on a table with their eyes closed.

I’ve officially finished first semester with the completion of an assignment (finally)! I can’t help but feel a sense of emptiness with a mixture of freedom and excitement. What should I do now? Should I push myself to be productive? Should I initiate plans with old friends? Should I start a new hobby? The possibilities are endless (apart from interstate travel)!

I believe it’s important to allow time for down-time—whether that’s binge watching a favourite TV show or catching up on sleep. The past couple of weeks have been filled with checking off exams and assignments and once you’re finally finished, there can be a tendency to continue with this momentum.

However, once you feel recharged and have given yourself time off, you should consider the fun and productive activities you can get up to during this break! I’ve found it useful to create a list during the semester of things I want to check off (but don’t have the time due to pending assignments or exams). My list includes completing a painting, editing some video footage, re-potting plants and shopping for items I need in my new home! This list has ensured I don’t feel super unsure with what to do with my time once the semester was over!

Holidays are also the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends—whether it’s for a lunch, an escape room, a movie night or a fun road trip. Ensure to plan in advance so everyone can work around potential work commitments or winter school!

I always find that making sure I have some quality time off in my holiday filled with fun memories provides a great foundation to starting off the next semester. It resets my brain and ensures I don’t make excuses for avoiding work too.

If you’re feeling lost in what to do with your time, I would recommend creating a list of things you can check off. This list could contain productive tasks, fun activities and something new you haven’t tried!

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