Australian 2032 Olympics

Olympic rings

Olympic rings

I’ve never been to an Olympics and neither has anyone in my family.

The success for the 2032 Olympic bid means the Brisbane region in Australia will host the games. It is still over a decade away but the excitement is already starting to build at the prospect of going to such a momentous event. It has got me thinking. Where will I be? What will I go to? How will life have changed?

I will be 32. Being in my early twenties, it seems incomprehensible to think of turning 32. However, this is the age I will be when the games are held in Australia. I wonder how I will have changed during this time. What kind of person will I be at this point in time? One thing I am really looking forward to is going to an event at the games with my family. My brothers will be all grown up and probably working a nine to five. It feels surreal to imagine sitting in a stadium with my brothers watching an event and then thinking back to this time when it all seemed a distant future.

What will I see? I have always wanted to see some classic athletics events at an Olympic games. Maybe at this point in time there will be a young sprinter to take on Usain Bolt’s 100m title. Other than that, I think watching a live table tennis match at the Olympics would be great. The speed at which they play always amazes me and I feel it would only be better live and at an Olympic games. That just leaves the opening ceremony. Seeing an open ceremony would be a thrilling and memorable event which I hope I can do with my friends and family.

How will the world have changed? Thinking about the future can often lead me to anxious thoughts about what could be, even when I’m looking forward to something. However, I can’t help it. Will we still be living with Covid? Will the climate be in a further state of disarray? The answer is no one knows. I can find it challenging to look forward to the future and not worry about what could be but when I think about all the things that excite me about the future, it is a welcome distraction. So here we go, Brisbane 2032 he we come!   

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