Pressures of gift shopping

Coming from a family of seven, I am pretty used to the concept of birthdays happening around once a month but despite this I still find myself wasting HOURS trying to figure out what to get my siblings.

Shopping definitely isn’t really my thing and I always feel guilty about buying new things because of its impact on our planet and the ethical implications. But I can’t do nothing, especially when I am interstate all year. 

So, this year I have been working hard to come up with gift ideas that don’t break my wallet, the planet or someone else’s wages.

1. Plants, plants, plants.

Literally one of my favourite things to give to friends and family, plants are so versatile and really show a bit of thought. Succulents are always a great one for those without the green thumb. 

2. Handmade cards.

I have been getting into painting and crafting lately and have found it quite calming, even when I am stressed out.

3. Gift cards for sustainable online stores.

One of my favourite stores is Bundarra which is an Indigenous-owned company selling Indigenous designed clothing, homewares etc, many of which are recycled and all produced in Australia. There are many other awesome stores out there like this such as Yarn, Flora and Fauna, and Etiko.

4. Experiences.

This is one I always forget about but am definitely going to try out this year, such as tours, activities, and holidays.

Do you have any gift 'go-to's'?

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