Breakfast club is the best

Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereal

If you haven't been to breakfast club in the old uni bar, you are missing out! 

Breakfast club is one of my favourite services provided by Student Care. The club runs from 8:30am-10:30am Tuesday to Friday during semester time and is always a welcoming space. Early last semester, I had almost forgotten about it. It was one sunny morning when I found myself at university in the morning with half an hour to spare. As I walked past the union house I remembered *breakfast club*! After that, I got back into going and forgot how relaxing and helpful the 'club' is.

Of course there is the best part, free breakfast! I am not really a breakfast person when I wake up and I don't really get round to toasting some bread or having some cereal. Instead I usually head out the door and wait until lunch time or I grab something quick and easy like a banana. It is days like this that usually give me the awkward tummy grumbles in the middle of a class.

Breakfast club has a great array of brekky items including;

  • Fruit 
  • Weet-Bix
  • Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • The occasional bueno
  • Tea and coffee
  • My favourite of all, a cheese toastie

Going to breakfast club always fills my tum tum and gets me ready for the day. Breakfast club is now something that gets me up and out of bed. I always try to arrive at university for some breakfast or a cup of tea before class and I often find it really relaxing to just sit on the outdoor balcony and listen to the birds and the Unibar below. 

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