Getting my sleep routine back

Dog under a blanket

Dog struggles to sleep too!

My post-semester recovery involved many things but trying to get back to my old sleep schedule has been one of the more difficult aspects.

My exam period was marred by caffeine reliance and a really crazy sleep schedule. Some days I would go to sleep at 1am after really intense assignment work and wake up at 8:30am the next day for my internship.

Naturally, after a couple of weeks my body kind of adapted. It decided that whacky sleep hours and waking times were okay. But since then, I have been finding myself struggling to get to sleep early enough. I will end up scrolling on my phone, tossing and turning or just giving up and binging some episodes.

Mostly, it kind of feels weird with not a lot to do, without the pressures of deadlines and expectation. So in the mornings it is even harder to get up early if I have nothing to do.

But I am pretty resolute that I am going to get back on schedule and I am going to do that by making sure I have my phone switched off at 9pm (because I am too lazy to turn it back on), I am eating breakfast by 9am, reducing my caffeine intake and by setting up some things to do on those days. Don’t get me wrong though, I am definitely sleeping-in on the weekends!

Getting a bit of structure back into my life will be good for my mentality and for my sleep schedule eventually but the next few days are gonna be a bit tough as my body settles back into the routine. I guess that is just general student life though!

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