Zoological park, Adelaide

Red panda

Red Panda

I love that the Adelaide Zoo isn't too far from where I live and I frequently visit and go for walks around the grounds. Still, I believe that wild animals should be in the wild.

Having had a taste of what life in lockdown is life, I feel for the animals stuck where they are. I decided to start reading up on zoos and what else they do apart from enclosing wild animals to be put on display for people to view. 

Zoological parks, or zoos, now focus on research and species conservation. Zoos also educate the public. They are also usually the first points of engagement or connection a child has to wild animals. Zoos also make other conservation initiatives possible such as captive breeding of endangered animals which helps species survival. From what I've read, the goal of programs like that is to inevitably release them into the wild. However, as most of you would know, one of the key drivers of animal extinction is habitat loss.

The path to species conservation is clear but getting there is not straightforward. 

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