A visit to the dog park

A labrador dog

A labrador dog

I don't own a dog but that made a visit to the dog park all the more worthwhile. 

My friend was walking their dog to visit the dog park. So, I thought why pass up a great opportunity to be surrounded by puppies? As the sound of barking got closer and closer, I could feel my excitement growing. As soon as we entered, I was greeted by dozens of energetic dogs of all different breeds and pedigrees. They ranged from speedy elegant greyhounds to energetic and zippy Jack Russel Terriers.  

It was great to see lots of people coming together over the space and playing with each others dogs. Any time a ball would come flying towards me, I would pick it up and send it back across the field to another dog. There was something calming and rejuvenating about the experience. It was good to have the company and to be surrounded by dogs.

Dogs, and animals in general, always make me feel better. There is something refreshing in the knowledge that your problems aren't their problems and the way they look at the world is in a much less convoluted way. Dogs want a ball, they chase a ball. They want a scratch, they roll over and get a scratch. It's nice to know that they don't care about their place in society or if their GPA is high enough or if they have done enough internships. 

Since living out of home without any pets, I have forgotten how much I miss having animals around. So, if you're ever in need of some company and a non-judgemental friend, a trip to the dog park might be in order. 

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