Let’s talk: post-exam emptiness

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Tickbox of emotions

You’ve just finished your final exam for the year. You’re feeling high on adrenaline. The stress, tears and loss of sleep have come to an end. You return home. The next 24 hours feel empty, gloomy but hopeful.

I had my final exam for my degree last Monday and although I am so relieved and happy it’s over, I often feel ‘off’. I feel happy after but the next day arrives and I feel lost with time and emotions.

After some reflecting, I can rationalise this emotional response. I suspect I feel this way because often the days leading up to the exam are high stress and my thoughts are consumed with studying and results. Then finally the exam is over and my brain has to rewire to how it was before I was stressed for the exam.

Do you ever feel this way? It’s sort of like when you’ve had a busy social calendar then suddenly you have all this free time to sit around and think. I feel empty and sometimes really down.

I’m unsure how to overcome these feelings – it seems like time can only help. It’s funny how our brains work. Shouldn’t I be feeling free and happy?

It’s important that you give yourself some down time and a break to cool down. It’s good to reflect and be with yourself. But also, it’s important to push yourself to reach out to others when you feel this emptiness.

How are your emotions post-exams?

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