Getting back into sport

Soccer ball

I am more of a social sports kind of person. I'm not overly competitive and I like to play sports in a social way at my own pace. 

I wouldn't be fooling anyone if I said I was an athlete.

This being said, I haven't participated in regular sports activities for literally years. It has been over a year-and-a-half since I have regularly played soccer or gone for a training session. Since Covid happened and I got busier and busier, I have focused less on participating in social sports. As I know, it is hard to form a habit and very easy for it to slip away. Sport is one of those habits. 

I have found it challenging to allocate a set time and day every week to an activity, especially in the final years of my undergraduate studies. However, I want to change that this semester. 

As always, I'll have a look around O-week and look into a few sports that seem fun, social and consistent. Recently, I have opted for setting my own exercise schedule. It can be at a time of my choosing and at my own pace. But I have been feeling that I am missing out. I think I miss having people to exercise with and the varied activities involved in sport. It's definitely more interesting than my runs to the park and the odd swim at the beach. 

Now I just have to choose one and throw myself into the community and routine again. I'm not sure whether I will try something I am already comfortable with or something new. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

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