Taking time to rest

Ginger lemon tea

I have had the flu! After an initially worrisome outlook that it might be COVID, a RAT test proved negative.

Unfortunately, the stereotype of the 'man flu' is one hundred percent true in my case. I'm not sure if I have a low pain threshold or am just a bit sooky but if I get the flu, you'll know about it. 

One of my pet hates about the flu is it can take you out for a week or even months if you don't treat it properly. Normally, I try to get up and about and do some light exercise. However, this was the first time that I thought, "I'm going to pass out on the couch and resurface when I'm back on my feet". I normally don't worry about getting a flu vaccine but this time, I wish I had. It was not a pleasant experience. 

One of the hardest and most challenging aspects to getting sick for an extended period is allowing yourself to stop and rest. When life is always on the go, this can be hard. With that being said, I put my mind to finding the best home remedies that helped me get better. These included:

- Ginger, lemon tea

- Hot water bottled

- Vegetable loaded soups 

- Smoothies (loaded with honey, fruit and yoghurt for a sore throat)

- Keeping in touch with friends and family 

What are your 'go-tos' when it comes to recovering?

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