Graduation thoughts

Graduation ceremony

A close friend of mine recently graduated and there were mixed emotions.

Of these feelings, there was plenty of pride for what he had accomplished, plenty of questioning about what the future may hold and lots of nostalgia looking back on his experience at university. Something, I was privileged to be a part of. It definitely got me thinking, where did the time go? I have had a lot of good memories throughout university and a lot of bad ones. However, it's not the bad ones I tend to dwell on. When looking back on some of the more challenging times with my now graduated friend, we couldn't help but look back and laugh.

I think it is often quite easy to forget why you're at university and what you want to do when your half-way into your degree. The study load and general everyday tasks seem to get in the way. Perhaps this is a good thing because I can often overthink things. But the big questions of life still loom overhead. With that being said, my friend had some words of wisdom he shared. 

For him, it wasn't about having a flawless time during university. It wasn't about getting the top grades and constantly succeeding. For him, the big take away was that he thinks he knows what to do next. After initially changing degree a year in and spending another three years studying, he found something that interested him. So, even if you are heading towards the end of your degree or have even finished, I think there is something to be said in that if nothing else, you feel more inclined towards a particular interest or even away from a particular pathway that this is success in itself.  

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