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Graduation thoughts

Graduation ceremony

When graduation ceremonies take place, I always look back on my time at university and how it is drawing to an end. This time, I was fortunate enough to be celebrating the graduation of a close friend. 

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Graduation speeches

view from below of 6 students in graduation gowns holding their fingers in v signs together in a group

I do love autumn graduations. What I’d love more is to one day be graduating myself!

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Graduate applications - one step at a time

A variety of resumes being perused by employers

This year, I am going to be faced with the reality of applying for graduate positions and am working out some strategies to manage it all.

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Graduate fears

Graduation ceremony

People seem to be graduating left, right and centre. But the worries question remains. What to do after your studies? This can be really daunting for most... 

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Of the 'great resignation'

I only recently heard about the 'Great Resignation' on the news and it also got me thinking about completing the Adelaide Graduate Award programme.

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On education

Graduation rocks

I love springtime graduations. The rest of the campus is quiet and slow but as you walk closer to The Hub and Bonython Hall, a buzz of love, happiness and pride resonates.

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My piece of paper

After five years, I finally got my parchment for my law degree, my piece of paper. It seems like such a simple thing now that I have it. After all this time, I’ve finally made it to the end. I’m certainly not where I expected to be. 

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