Travelling during COVID

A plane flying over a city

Travelling interstate during the pandemic has its host of stresses.

I was fortunate to fly to Sydney early last week which was incredibly exciting. I had not been interstate or on a plane since 2017, so this was momentous for me. COVID had changed the experience significantly. 

Transport in general is quite stressful now with the pandemic, but I learnt that planes are especially so. Feeling claustrophobic, I began to panic when our flight was delayed on the tarmac for 45 minutes as there was no free park in the airport. However, this wait was more anxiety-inducing as I spent it facing as far away from the coughing family next to me as I could. Since panic attacks can restrict one's ability to breathe, it is even more difficult when wearing a mask. 

This also applies to accommodation. Since we stayed somewhere which had a public bathroom, I had to constantly wash my hands and sanitise to ensure that I was not touching germ-ridden surfaces. And finally, going to a large indoor event with hundreds of people had its own restrictions. Despite this, I still had an amazing time once I decided not to let my pandemic anxiety take over.  Everyone in Sydney was very supportive. I think that is testament to the fact that we are lucky to have good practices in place to ensure we still can travel safely during the pandemic. 

The best thing to do when travelling interstate right now is to read up on the state's restrictions, keep updated on their COVID situation, and stay as safe as possible. Cherish the opportunity that we now have to travel, and have a fun time!

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