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Travelling during COVID

A plane flying over a city

Travelling interstate during the pandemic has its host of stresses.

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Throwback: Arriving in Adelaide

Me, in front of the Fangirls banner.

Let us rejoice for the South Australian border has finally opened to international students!

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First time surfing

Me, surfing.

I finally got to realise a life-long dream of mine!

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When the borders open

Airplanes window view of sky by Eva Darron

As the opening of some borders and the ability to travel internationally approaches, there’s no doubt that everyone is super keen to get the hell out of here and make the most of our lives again. So where would you go?

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Review - a night in the hills

In the middle of our break, my friend and I decided to stay the night in Hahndorf – the famous small town known for its German heritage.

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Travel chronicles: Queensland and tips

Who doesn’t love a fun getaway after a long uni semester? I discuss my recent adventures and provide tips for your next holiday!

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The land down under

Blue lake landscape

It seems to be increasingly popular but, have you ever thought about the great Aussie road trip?

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What’s this cuddle kerfuffle?

Giant Cuttlefish off Stony Point

As I try and take my mind away from all the recent COVID19 news, I remember a time before this pandemic. My friends and I organised a snorkelling trip back in 2016 to Point Lowly, about half an hour’s drive from Whyalla. It’s the middle of winter and we’re hoping to go underwater and witness cuddle time — the Giant Cuttlefish breeding aggregation. They can grow as long as 50 centimetres and weigh up to 10 kilograms. The waters in South Australia is one of the very few places where they annually gather in such great numbers to breed and this all happens during wintertime.

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A little house in the country

As restrictions started to lift, a friend suggested that we go and stay at her family's old cottage in the countryside for a couple of nights.

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