Melbourne adventures

A bird's eye view of the State Library of Victoria, showing people studying at desks.

Recently travelling to Melbourne for a short holiday, I found there was so much to do. 

Earlier this month, I got on a plane with my boyfriend to go to Melbourne, as a short getaway from all our commitments. Being there for three days was certainly not enough to do everything on our list but here are some my favourites.

  1. Go book shopping! Melbourne is full of amazing bookstores, which fulfilled all my literary fantasies. I especially loved Readings, which is a chain of stores in Victoria with an artistically curated selection of novels, art books, philosophy and more.
  2. Visit the landmarks! The beautiful State Library of Victoria and the Botanic Gardens are tourist attractions for a reason.
  3. Look at art! We were fortunate to be in the city whilst the National Galley of Victoria's Picasso exhibit was on. It was such a surreal experience to witness some of Picasso's paintings in person, as well as from some of my other favourite artists like Matisse and Miro. 
  4. Go see a show!  Melbourne has a great comedy and theatre scene. We indulged in both. 
  5. Eat food! Of course, this is to be expected. Any travel certainly includes trying out new cuisines. Melbourne has such an eclectic range of restaurants and cafes. We went to an Asian restaurant in the city which had robots... dare I say more?
  6. Cat cafe! Yes, you heard me, there is a cat cafe, full of dozens of adorable cats. You can pay extra to feed them food, which really gets their attention...
  7. Seek out new adventures!  Finally, the best part of being in a new city is getting to walk around and find your own things to do! 
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