Stuck in a cycle

Looking at a white spiral stairway with dark wood railings from below.

In an era where trends are moving faster than ever, they are not always accessible or realistic to follow. It’s not easy to switch up your bedroom from minimalist Scandinavian architecture to eclectic art interiors. 

But where social media has become more commonplace and people are sharing more about their lives, I find myself being swept up in the details and end up comparing myself to people on Instagram, Pinterest and other socials. It’s especially challenging because I have the urge to do everything. I want a room full of plants, I want a wall of artwork, yet I also want minimalist Japanese-inspired furniture. This not only applies to interior design but also to fashion and other areas of my life. 

Over the past few months, I’ve come to realise some important things about myself and my journey. The first of which is a realisation that I’ve been comparing myself to several different pages, and people. However, it is not possible for me to achieve what ten unique individuals are doing. Further to this is the realisation that different people have different priorities. For example, some may be entrepreneurs who are prioritising their finances and their social media presence. Instead, I am a university student who is prioritising her study and hobbies so it’s not possible for me now to place heavy priorities on things such as eating out often, and extravagant vacation destinations. This understanding has helped me find peace with myself, knowing that I am my own person and have the liberty and privilege to decide what’s important in my life. 

I’ve come to recognise and appreciate that everybody is moving at their own pace. It’s not fair for me to compare myself to someone who is in a very different place in their life’s journey. For example, comparing my understanding of fashion and style to an individual who has been cultivating their style for years as a focus of their career. Lastly, I’ve realised the importance of appreciating myself and my journey over the past twenty-plus years of my life. My personal experiences have shaped me in a unique way allowing me to grow into who I am today.

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