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Melbourne adventures

A bird's eye view of the State Library of Victoria, showing people studying at desks.

Recently travelling to Melbourne for a short holiday, I found there was so much to do. 

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Reviving my Hamilton obsession

A large auditorium.

I got to revive my Hamilton obsession this month, when I got to see it on the stage in Melbourne.

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Common Ph.D. obstacles

The struggle is real, and the long, cold nights are getting to me a bit.

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Making friends in random spots

A group of friends posing in front of a cable car ride

Friendships can be forged in the most unexpected situations and places sometimes.

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Do I have the energy?

An orange cat yawns widely.

After getting COVID, I'm feeling like I don't have the energy for much right now.

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Movie review - Nope

Horses in a field.

Horses, a monkey and something in the sky.

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Horses in the city

Horses eating in a field.

Peter… the horse is here, in North Adelaide to be exact. 

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Finally getting COVID

A group of pills on a table in the formation of the word 'COVID-19'.

After being super cautious for the duration of the pandemic, I finally got coronavirus a couple of weeks ago. 

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A night in Hollywood

A film slate

I attended my first law school event and I loved it.

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What are you reading?

A pile of books

This year, I made a promise to myself that I’ll read at least 5 books – yes, excluding textbooks.

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